Linguistic Preservation

The main objective of the initiative is first to collect basic data
documenting the linguistic practices of the Corsican community,
and therefore concerns the collection of linguistic and cultural informations relating to this people and that language.


The main objectives of this initiative are:
• Document the Corsican language in its diversity
• Encourage the language community to participate in the project
• Create sustainable and multipurpose recordings of the language available online
• Create a “Bank of Data” for the social sciences, linguistics and the language community itself.

Tistimunianza also encourages the language community itself to take possession of the language,
to curb the decline of the latter.

Indeed, the attitude of language communities towards their own languages, has a primary role in the future of these languages.
Languages through history have always been spoken and transmitted in a natural way, long before writing, teaching, linguistics or any institutional recognition.
Through the use and transmission in the family domain, vector and main indicator of the vitality of a language.


Stories collected during field research sessions can take many forms,
But are generally any type of discourse that tells a story.


We are talking about collecting speeches of demonstration, explanation, which shows how to do something.


Informal, discourse or spontaneous data are probably the most important types of data to collect documenting a language.


We refer here to the analyse of old texts,
literature, poetry, songs, fairytales, etc …